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Welcome to Loco-Motion!

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We are a Los Angeles based production company composed of very talented filmmakers that continually work on bringing the best product possible to our clients.

We offer many services that encompass all facets of Media Production including pre-production, production, post-production, photography, and graphic design. We also service Spanish and Mandarin speakers. For detailed pricing just send us an email (contact@loco-motionpictures.com) with your idea or let us know what your budget is and what you're trying to accomplish and we'll help you get it done.

Video and Post Production Services

JJ Vazquez 2JJ Vazquez 2Sons of the devil scene

Loco-Motion is committed to staying at the forefront by offering top of the line work across all media.

  • Concept Development
  • Script Writing
  • Production personnel
  • Camera Crews
  • Creative Direction
  • Live Streaming
  • Video Editing
  • Music Scoring
  • Motion Graphics
  • Color Correction
  • Sound Design
  • Video Finishing


Welcome to Loco-Motion. Here you will find information on some of the work we have done and some of the things we enjoy doing on our time off. I hope you enjoy!

Recent Work

  • Sons of the Devil Putting together the Kickstarter incentives with Omar Spahi, Brian Buccellato and Jennifer Young.
  • Brave Fest Just finished cutting together a spot for the last Brave Fest.